Commercial Locksmith

Locksmith 4 less are dedicated to providing a professional, reliable and reputable commercial locksmith service. We promise to take good care of your business and help you achieve maximum security for all you’ve worked hard for. No matter how big or small your business, our security solutions help you to combat the threat of crime that looms over us all in today’s society.

We at Locksmith 4 less offer a fully comprehensive range of products and services to suit all security requirements and to match all budgets. Speak to one of our security experts for a free consultation and advice on which products will work best for your business. Below are just some of the products we supply and install and underneath we give the lowdown with a brief description on what they all do.

• Access control
• Keyless entry systems
• CCTV cameras
• Burglar alarms
• 24 hour emergency lock-out assistance
• Panic bars
• Grade 1 commercial locks
• Master key suite
• Emergency repairs

Access control/Keyless entry systems
Access control is exactly as its title suggests, it gives you control over who has access to your premises and where on your premises without having to deal with copying keys and changing locks. Instead of keys, tokens are used by registered users to gain access to the building which can be easily cancelled without compromising security should they be lost, stolen or unreturned.

CCTV cameras
CCTV (Closed-circuit television) offers one of the best deterrents against intruders, since if they’re caught on camera they provide you with solid evidence. CCTV is a TV system used primarily for security and surveillance purposes as opposed to its signals being publicly distributed.

Burglar alarms
Burglar alarms are triggered when unauthorised entry to your property is detected. They let out a loud noise which will startle the intruder as well as send out alerts to you and some alarms will even alert the police directly.

Panic bars
Panic bars are designed to enable users to make a sharp exit from a commercial building during an emergency situation. The bar is designed for easy use and only needs to be pushed to open making escaping from a fire or emergency situation simple and effective.

Grade 1 Commercial Locks
These locks are especially designed for commercial use and offer the highest quality and durability for those businesses with heavy traffic in and out of the building.

Master Key Suite
This state-of-the-art security system gives individual users a key which will operate specific locks and only allow them access to designated areas. Each lock can also be operated by a Master key giving the owner full control without fiddling around with lots of keys.

Emergency Repairs
Our emergency locksmiths operate 24/7 and offer a 30 minute response time for all your commercial repair needs.